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That's Not Me

10 Day Self-Coaching Therapy Guide for Transformation- Coaching tools, therapy tools and journaling.

This day by day, step by step guide is an interactive learning composition infused with journaling and hands-on participation. You will be the ultimate leader in the outcome of your wonderful transformations. This coaching therapy is designed to bring you out of agreement with the identification of your past. Removing subconscious blockers and installing new beliefs that are nsync and appropriate for who you are and who you are becoming. The tools provided in this personal development coaching therapy guide are some of the most powerful, profound, and simplest methods. These tools are given in such a manner that anyone able to read and write would be able to bring prolific transformations in the most challenging areas of their lives.

With this guide, you get to experience life coaching, therapy, being the detective of your own life and most of all you get to take the power back in your life. No one and nothing outside of you is able to stop you from transforming into the ideal person you desire to be.

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